Kefa cafe will be my home for the next three months. It will treat me well with courtesy and good coffee. When we depart, I will be sad. I’ll miss the morning blues, the jazz and the art that was painted live, posted around their walls. I’ll miss the cheery cashier and the humbleness of Ethiopian gentry who sound like they’re having a good time, even if they are working for only minimum wage. The occasional bickering about whose fault it is as to why the cash register won’t work, but everything that happens in this small cafe is purely human. It helps reminds me that we’re all just human, and that everything is indeed, a cosmic joke. That every event that transpired on our small planet was by chance. I’ll never forget the cozy comfort that this small cafe has provided me in my last semester at Peralta. So, Kefa, you have my whole-hearted gratitude for reminding me every morning that my life has only begun.

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